Trendy  Construction  was  founded  18  years  ago  in  the  name  of  UNIT CONSTRUCTION and UNITED CONSULTANT in a small office operated by only four engineers and has been working at an accelerating pace since then. It has now grown rapidly to become a 1st class qualified company  driven  by  experience,  laborious  and  dedicated  leadership  in  the  sector  of  architectural  and engineering  works  in  Bangladesh.  To  implement  minutely  any  type  of  construction  work  such  as  residential building, industrial building, commercial building and high rise building, any type of interior renovation works and landscape etc.  

Sister concern To  provide  consolidated  service  Trendy  Construction  has  its  sister  concerns  working  parallel  in  the related field of building and interior industry. Our sister concerns are Trendy Properties Ltd and Trendy Furniture Limited. These sister concerns work in the real-estate development and furniture manufacturing industry respectively.


Trendy Construction is the top innovative market leader mastering all types of construction tailormade to our client’s specific requirements and specifications. We strive to fully satisfy beyond client’s wildest expectations, saving clients precious time and money!

All client construction projects are expedited after precise evaluations prioritizing all state-of-the-art engineering consideration factors - Geotechnical Reports, Hydrology Studies, Land Surveys, Hazardous Materials Studies reflecting unrivaled diligence, dedication, and ingenuity.


Meticulous evaluations lead to our customized construction designs; Trendy has a multi-talented panel of highly-experienced expert engineers mastering construction design through years of experience as the reigning trendsetter in construction.

Our assiduous efforts add maximum value to your splendid perfectly flawless completed construction projects. Trendy’s long-standing record of successfully finishing projects before customer deadlines speaks for itself.


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