Trendy Properties Limited is a developer firm to provide services in architecture and related real estate fields. The name Trendy Properties Limited is the assimilation of initial letters, United Consultant and Trendy Construction. All the spheres of architecture and construction is covered by these three firms, like various types of buildings design, various types of interior spaces design, and designs of landscaping etc. as well as constructing buildings, interiors or landscaping.


Trendy Properties Limited is basically headed by young architects and engineers. Our vision here is to provide our client the best use of their resources by achieving the best functionality within the given spatial definition in the rational economic manner. Participatory findings usually are the main motivation behind our each design approach. For more in depth consultation we sometimes work in association with other expert consultants or consulting firms. For each design project we generate a team of architects and engineers to dedicate to achieving the goal most effectively within the time frame.


In the field of construction the mirror-like reproduction of design drawing in the practical field is a prime target of Trendy Properties Limited. Compromise is the word we are trying to eliminate from the handbook of quality construction. We have our own set of contractors and workers to run several construction works simultaneously. At Trendy Properties Limited the design and construction is done under the same umbrella to ensure the accuracy of design as well as construction so that the client gets the most sensible design and the most perfect physical product.



Trendy Properties Limited is the top innovative market leader mastering all types of construction tailor-made to our client’s specific requirements and specifications. We strive to fully satisfy beyond client’s wildest expectations, saving clients precious time and money!


All client properties projects are expedited after precise evaluations prioritizing all state-of-the-art engineering consideration factors - Geotechnical Reports, Hydrology Studies, Land Surveys, Hazardous Materials Studies reflecting unrivaled diligence, dedication, and ingenuity.


Meticulous evaluations lead to our customized construction designs; Trendy Properties Limited has a multi-talented panel of highly-experienced expert engineers mastering construction design through years of experience as the reigning trendsetter in construction.


Our assiduous efforts add maximum value to your splendid perfectly flawless completed properties projects. Trendy Properties Limited long-standing record of successfully finishing projects before customer deadlines which speaks for itself.


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